Darlene DeMarie, Ph.D.

USF Faculty Fulbright Advisor, Professor, USF College of Education

While many in the Fulbright community know Dr. Darlene DeMarie for her dedication to the Fulbright scholars and program, not everyone may be aware of her ‘other’ critical role in her leadership as a professor who has taught many courses in which she brings about a culture of expansive learning, explorative investigation of the rich diversity of humans, and a robust development of relationships amongst the students of every course she teaches. Her background in developmental psychology and educational psychology brings an essential lens to those of us in the field of education and teacher education. The University of South Florida (AAU, Preeminent State Research University) College of Education students and faculty all learn from the work and experience that Dr. Darlene DeMarie brings to the program. I have included a photo from the recent Fall 2023 USF World Fulbright Event recognizing the USF Fulbright and Visiting Scholars in the USF Patel Center for Global Solutions Center. Surrounded by her students, you can see the joy in the faces of those lives that she touches.
By Stephanie A. Arthur, Ph.D.