Why It Matters

As you consider making a donation, reflect on your Fulbright experience and the impact of international exchange — and listen to why fellow Fulbright alumni have decided to contribute.

Where Your Donations Go

With your donation, we can boost funding to advance our advocacy efforts and amplify our voice in Congress.


Cultivate relationships with members of Congress and their staffs and educate them about the Fulbright Program.


Create new materials and videos that showcase the wide-reaching impact of the Fulbright Program.


Increase visibility for Fulbright by mobilizing alumni to tell their stories and highlighting the work our alumni chapters do across the U.S.


Maintain our signature programs and launch innovative new programs and partnerships that support and advance our mission.

What We Have Done:

Your Donations at Work

Together, we have launched and sustained these initiatives as part of our focus on alumni advocacy and engagement. Thanks to your generous donations, we have:

Expanded our chapter network. We now support over 60 local chapters as they bring global education and cultural exchange to communities nationwide.

Presented a series of TEDxFulbright events across the country that foster debate and professional development while raising our profile on the national stage.

 Created a dedicated Advocacy webpage with necessary information and tools to help alumni across the country participate in our advocacy work.

 Organized a Fulbright Association alumni letter-writing campaign aimed at direct outreach to Congressional representatives to educate them on the impact of the Fulbright Program in their districts.

 Developed alumni training programs — including webinars, in-person training sessions, and an online advocacy toolkit to empower our alumni network to serve as effective advocates for Fulbright.

Organized our second Fulbright Association Advocacy Day, enabling Fulbright alumni to meet with Congressional leaders and their staffs on Capitol Hill to advocate for sustained funding of the program.

What More We Can Do:

Help Us Launch These Initiatives

There’s much more that can be done to bolster our advocacy efforts and achieve our shared goals. With your generous donations, we plan to:

 Develop a “Fulbright in the Classroom” program to share the Fulbright experience with students in K-12 schools across the country, especially in small towns and rural areas.

 Implement relationship-building campaigns with Congressional leaders who sit on key authorizing and appropriations committees.

 Update our “Impact of Fulbright” materials and videos for use as educational resources for members of Congress and the public.

 Organize a national alumni storytelling campaign to increase visibility for the Fulbright Program and amplify our voice in Congress.

 Launch new programs and partnerships that support our mission. Past donations allowed us to launch our Insight Tours and Service Corp travel projects, as well as to collaborate with the Pathway to Peace Project – Sahbak and the Global Leaders Program, a YOA Youth Orchestra of the Americas initiative that provides scholarships for Fulbright alumni to participate in missions to teach music to under-served youth around the world.