Fulbright Advocacy Day

Advocacy Days are full-day campaigns to educate members of Congress on the Fulbright Program and its impact. Fulbright alumni gather on Capitol Hill and meet with members of the House and Senate to share their international experiences and urge support for continued funding of the program. Participants in Advocacy Days are trained in our messaging and approach, and the resources compiled here are part of our training program.

The 116th Congress is now in session. With a new majority in the House, many new representatives and senators, and historic diversity, this may be the most exciting session in memory.

The new Congress gives the Fulbright community an important opportunity. We can introduce ourselves and the Program to over 100 new members and their staffs, telling our stories of impact here and around the world. We can remind veteran members of seven successful decades of Fulbright.

Please register to join us for Advocacy Day, October 24th—as part of our Annual Conference. We especially need you if you live in a state or district represented by a new member. Wherever you are from, or wherever you have lived, the more people we have from more locations, the more powerful we are.

In fact, many members of Congress will only see us if our team includes a constituent. Just one. And that one person could be you. You could be the voice that makes the difference when priorities are made and votes tallied. With tough budget choices ahead, we need every voice to be heard. Please come to Washington on Thursday, October 24th and be that voice.

The Fulbright Association makes participation as easy as possible, minimizing costs and time. Training will be offered online the week before. We urge you to commit to one day, starting at 8 AM and ending when your appointments are over. It’s as simple as that.
We hope you’ll then stay that evening for the welcoming reception, followed by two days of our Annual Conference.

Registration will be opening soon. We invite you to register as early as possible, allowing us enough time to schedule your appointments. We will provide all necessary training, directions, talking points, and more. You don’t need any advocacy experience, just the belief that international exchanges make the world more peaceful.

Be a part of history. Let your voice be heard. Advocate for Fulbright.