Stacey Nickson

Board Member

Stacey Nickson has served as an educator and educational administrator in higher education and K-12 systems during the past four decades. As Director of the Center for Educational Outreach and Engagement (CEOE) at Auburn University, she oversees the development and implementation of grants, projects, programs and partnerships established through University Outreach in support of schools, colleges and non-profit organizations. She also administers the Auburn University partnership with Culture Bump Approach©, serving to support global communication skill development through research, training and product development. As such, she presents seminars nationally and internationally to train leaders from various professions “beyond cross-cultural communication”. She is the co-author of Culture Bump: 8 Steps to Common Ground.

Her Fulbright was awarded in 2012 and she served as a Fulbright Specialist at the University of Cape Town’s Center for Higher Education Development in South Africa in 2013 and a Fulbright Specialist at the University of Cape Coast’s Basic Education Department in Ghana in 2017. She is the past president of the Alabama Fulbright Association.

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