Mary Stanton

Mary Stanton is Chair of the Fulbright Alumni Travel Task Force and a board member of the Fulbright Association Minnesota Chapter. Her Fulbright grant was through the Teacher Exchange program from 2010-11 in New Delhi, India. Mary’s first teaching job was in Australia. Other positions were teaching high school English and French in both rural Minnesota and a first-ring suburb Minneapolis, and teaching literature and composition at a community college.

Ms. Stanton has a Master’s Degree in English and French Literature from St. Cloud State University, a B.S. in English Education from the University of Minnesota, a B.A. in French and Secondary Education from the University of Colorado, and the 1st and 2nd degrees in French Language and Culture from University of Bordeaux, France. She has participated in Fulbright Alumni Service Tour to Albania and Serbia and EnvisionFulbright in Guatemala and the Dominican Republic, and was the Fulbright Association Representative on the Fulbright Association Insight Tour to India. Other international experiences include studying in New Caledonia and England as well as volunteer work in France, Germany, and Spain.

Ms. Stanton’s goals as a member of the Board of Directors are advocacy, increasing both national and international membership, and expanding participation in the Fulbright Alumni Association.