Josephine Dorado

Former Board Member

Josephine Dorado was President of Fulbright Association’s NY Chapter and recently chaired the Chapter Advisory Board before joining Fulbright’s national board. She brings to the board extensive experience in chapter management as well as initiating innovative alumni programs that nurture social entrepreneurship and youth mentorship. Josephine is a creative technologist, artist and digital strategist with an entrepreneurial spirit and an innovative approach, whose work focuses on the convergence of physical and digital experiences. Her work has garnered multiple Fulbright awards and a MacArthur Foundation award in Digital Media & Learning. As part of a Fulbright-Museumsquartier artist residency, Josephine worked with refugees in Austria to create virtual reality media narratives of their journeys.

She currently teaches at The New School and leads digital marketing for a b2b financial services firm. In addition, Josephine is a trainer for the State Department’s TechCamps, an initiative to aid civil society organizations in developing countries by building their digital capacities, and has taught workshops in mobile storytelling and games in countries such as Ukraine, Palestine and Tunisia. Previously, Josephine founded Kidz Connect, a virtual cultural exchange program that connects youth internationally through creative collaboration and performance in virtual worlds. Her speaking engagements include Talks @ Google, TEDxFulbright, SXSW, IgniteNYC and SIGGRAPH. For more information, go to her website at