Fulbright Scholar to Iceland 2019-2020

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Artist Statement

These videos are from a body of work titled Not Once, created while a Fulbright Scholar in Iceland in 2019 and 2020. These video works began with audio recordings of local Icelanders recalling a story specific to a particular location. I then visited the location to make video recordings of the local environment to complement the story. The subjects range from the trivial to the extraordinary and exemplify the importance of place. The end result, is a portrait of place, identity, and identification.

Julia Hechtman is an artist and professor in Boston, Massachusetts. Her work straddles the lines between absence and presence, the natural and the urban, and life and death.

I show my works nationally and internationally in the form of exhibitions and screenings. My video work is archived and distributed by the Video Data Bank in Chicago, Illinois and is in collections nationally. Additionally, I have participated in artist residencies nationally and internationally, including most recently being offered a place on the Arctic Circle residency in Svalbard, Norway, which I will attend in June of 2024. In 2019 I was a Fulbright scholar in Iceland at Lístaháskolí Íslands as a researcher/teacher.

Video Title: Helgadalur
TRT: 5:30
Single-channel, color, sound

Video Title: Seydisfjordur
TRT: 3:47
Single-channel, color, sound

Video Title: Vestmannaejar
TRT: 6:30
Single-channel, color, sound

Video Title: Skardsstrond
TRT: 3:51
Single-channel, color, sound