Fulbright ETA to Indonesia 2019-2020

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Artist Statement

About the work and photographer: These photographs were taken during a late June to early July, 2022 visit to Dominica, the “Nature Island of the Caribbean,” my home island. My mother and I traveled to Grand Bay, our hometown, to visit family—especially my grandmother. At 81, my grandmother still tends her garden in the mornings and sells produce at the market in town on Saturdays. Her mind is sharp, and she’s even funnier in patois than in English. It had been almost five years since our last visit to Dominica in December 2017, which was unfortunately three months after Hurricane Maria devastated the island. Given the infrequency of our home visits and no promise of tomorrow, I made sure to capture our old but sturdy house built by my late grandfather, the house’s day and night time visitors, and my family—especially my grandmother—as I hope to remember them.

Janika Berridge currently lives in New Jersey where she works remotely supporting some of the Department of State’s BridgeUSA programs. She was a 2019-2020 Fulbright English Teaching Assistant at a secondary school in Sangatta, East Kalimantan, Indonesia. Photography is one of her hobbies, especially during travels. You can find her photographs printed and stored in the big photo albums she carries around to those who wish to see them.