Fulbright to Finland 2002

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Artist Statement

This oil on canvas painting was derived from a visit to a café in Finland during McDaniel’s first Fulbright, Turku, Finland 2002-03.  On an outing with several colleagues, who were showing the Fulbright ‘around’, they stopped in a small, local café owned by a friend of one.  As they entered, McDaniel was captured by these three ladies enjoying coffee, a Finnish tradition.  As the colleagues enjoyed their own bakery treats and coffee, McDaniel caught an occasional look at the ladies, eating, sipping coffee, and chatting away, oblivious to others in the room. McDaniel was taken by the fact that these “elder persons” were in the café when she and her colleagues entered; they were there as she walked out of the café. The enjoyment among the ladies was obvious–written on their faces–which the artist attempted to capture in this painting. It seems a form of continuing reunion.

McDaniel is retired as a full-time faculty member with focus on research and scholarly work in empirical ethics. However, she has engaged in art since the age of six. She continues to paint and enjoy sculpting as a strong avocation. She is a member of the national and juried oil paining association, Oil Painters of America (OPA), as well as several local art groups. Moving recently to Pennsylvania, she enjoys membership in the Artist Guild, which supports lectures related to art. Her paintings have been professionally displayed with awards in numerous county-wide and local exhibits in Virginia and Pennsylvania. Her sculpting is in the permanent collection of the Civil and Humans Rights Museum, Atlanta, GA. McDaniel continues to offer numerous presentations on her Project, Art as Education:  Racial Integrity Act, throughout Virginia in local schools and other educational endeavors, including The University of Virginia.


Ladies of the Café
Oil on Canvas
30 x 26”
Price List (Not inc shipping): $600.00.
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