Fulbright to Spain, 1987-89; Honduras, 1995

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Artist Statement

William Swetcharnik and his artist wife Sara have lived in a Maryland barn-studio for four decades, save for two years in in Spain (1987-89), where they shared a Fulbright Collaborative Research Grant; later, they lived seven years in Honduras, where William founded the Latin American Art Resource Project (swetcharnik.com/resources) during a 1995 Senior Fulbright Fellowship. LAARP continues to serve as a sustainable development program helping artists, artisans, and art students in poor communities, oriented toward the use of inexpensive, indigenous materials. William also continues to explore the use of these materials, which include colored clays, crushed river rock, and native woods, in his own work. William’s art has been exhibited in museums, art centers, and galleries across Europe and the Americas, while over the years his professional distinctions have included Cintas, Arts America, Millay and Yaddo Resident Fellowships.