Fulbright-Hays-Group Projects Abroad Program, Turkey, 2004

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Artist Statement

Eve & Eve is the 2nd installment of the Eve trilogy, a project created and staged by Dr. Filiz Cicek as a female-collaborative work to highlight the historical oppression of women via biblical creation story. Following the 1st installment of Apple & Eve in 2009, in Eve & Eve, Cicek continues to re-interpret the Adam and Eve story and presented Eve, the progenitor of knowledge, as a figure to be celebrated, not scorned. In Eve & Eve Adam is temporarily replaced by a second Eve. Thus, Eve’s power as pioneering woman and explorer and harbinger of wisdom is doubled: two Eves embrace and honor their perceived role as temptress, mother, sister and lover. Moreover, Eves now speak for the right of Every Body to choose whom they marry. Eve& Eve cordially invite you to join them as they celebrate their union.

Dr. Filiz Cicek studied medicine, art, language and social sciences in Istanbul, Turkey, Florence, Italy and here Indiana University, USA. She is an artist, scholar and journalist who served as a Fulbright specialist for the Arts. Dr. Cicek received her MFA and PhD from Indiana University, Bloomington and has been teaching gender, art and cinema courses at Bogazici University summer school in Istanbul, DePauw University, Ivy Tech Community College, Indiana University, and. As a curator, she met HH Dalia Lama in 2010 and upon his request organized BloomingtonKatmandu International Art Exhibit exploring the concept of home in the 21st century. Dr. Cicek also curated other international art exhibits such as the Museum of Broken Relationships and Women Exposed International Art Exhibits. As an artist, she explores the women, religion and art in our daily lives. She has exhibited her work in the museums and galleries in New York, Chicago, California, The Kinsey Institute, IU School of Fine Arts Gallery and various venues in Bloomington.

Eve & Eve is a continuation of Apple & Eve collaborative project which re-interprets the Adam & Eve story and presents Eve, the progenitor of knowledge, as a figure to be celebrated, not scorned.They are titled Wedding and Baptism. Year 2011.

Eve & Eve

Eve & Eve: Pilgrimage