Fulbright to Italy 1988

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Artist Statement

About the work & sculptures: Anya Farion was awarded a Fulbright Grant to Italy in sculpture in 1988. She went to the town of Pietrasanta in the foothills of the Apuan Alps, known as a marble center in order to hone her skills as a sculptor. While there, she was able to work alongside Italian artigiani (craftsmen) and other artists from around the world and gain valuable knowledge regarding the entire process of working in stone, from its extraction in the quarries to the handling and carving techniques, both those used for centuries and those using modern tools. The sculptures included in this exhibit were carved in Pietrasanta during her Fulbright year. The slow and deliberate process of hand carving enables the sculptor to seek out the form within the stone, thereby linking the raw material with the celebration of the human form.

Anya Farion is a sculptor who lives and works in New York City. She works primarily in alabaster and marble, using direct carving techniques with hammers and chisels. Ms. Farion’s work has been exhibited widely in the United States, Canada and Europe. Several of her marble sculptures were included in the 2015 The Ukrainian Diaspora: Women Artists, 1908-2015 exhibition at the Ukrainian Museum in New York City. Ms. Farion was invited to participate in the international Sculpture Symposium, in Kyiv, Ukraine where her sculpture in red sandstone received 2nd prize and is now part of the National Museum of Visual Arts permanent collection. She was also awarded an Alumni Citation from the President’s Council for the Arts of Manhattanville College, and a Beautify Cleveland Award from the Greater Cleveland Bicentennial Commission in Cleveland, Ohio. Ms. Farion has received funding from Artists Space/Artists Grants and Committee for the Visual Arts, Inc. in New York City for exhibitions in alternate settings.

Her sculptures can be found in the collections of the National Museum of Visual Arts in Kyiv, Ukraine, the National Museum in Lviv, Ukraine, the Ukrainian Museum in New York, New York, E.M. Warburg, Pincus & Co. in New York, New York and in Private Collections throughout the United States, Canada and Europe.