Poster Presentations
2018 Annual Conference

Name, University Presentation Title Co-Presenter(s)
Dr. Rocio Araceli Galarza Molina, University of Missouri Researching the U.S. presidential election
Dr. Paula Bobrowski, Auburn University Women Leaders = Better Education, Improved Health, Higher Quality of Live and Increased Happiness Worldwide Stacy Nickson
Ms. Lisa Bochey, American University Teaching Culture: An Examination of Cultural Exchange and Mutual Understanding in the Fulbright English Teaching Assistant Program in Peru
Trellequala Bomar and Kelsia Sumrell, Limestone College A Broad-Minded, Community Approach to Depict What Lifestyle Physical Activity Could Look Like.
Mr. Mark Buttweiler, Bridge International Academies Utilizing E-readers and Interactive Read Alouds to Promote Participatory Learning and Literacy in Sub-Saharan Africa Anna Marrs
Ms. Abigail Cohen Colombian Adolescents’ Perceptions of Ethnic-Racial Favorable Treatment and Discrimination
Dr. Jack Corbett,
Portland State University
Passing It Along: Synergies and Fulbrights Mandy Elder, Dr. Nelly Robles Garcia
Dr. Elia Margarita Cornelio-Marí,
Universidad Juárez Autónoma de Tabasco
Becoming local: Netflix’s learning curve to become a TV distributor for Mexican audiences
Mr. Max Crumley-Effinger,
Loyola University Chicago
Soft power symbiosis: The collaborative public diplomacy roles of EducationUSA and higher education institutions
Ms. Kelly Day 11 Ways Finland Teaches US Education that Less is More
Dr. Darlene DeMarie, University of South Florida A True Partnership between the Mid-Florida Chapter of the Fulbright Association and the University of South Florida Amela Malkic
Kristen Devin,
Phoenix Integrated Residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology
Women’s Reproductive Healthcare in Brazil and Implications of the Zika Virus
Mr. Andreas Dewald, Purdue University Quality and Information Technology Performance – a Student Lean Six Sigma Industry Project Dr. Chad Laux
Ms. Jaylynn Ellington,
Elon Universtiy School of Law
Informed Consent In Prison Populations Braxton Brewington
Ms. Cori Eden Fain Achieving SDG 2: Nutrition and Food Security in Rwanda
Ms. Wai Ling Fong, George Mason University From Malaysia to the Midwest: Reflections of my year as a Fulbright FLTA
Dr. Rosemary Goodyear Preparing Interprofessionals as Teachers of Caregivers for the Aged
Ms. Olivia Haines Making Words: Teaching English Phonics to Hindi Speakers
Dr. Beverly Hawk,
The University of Alabama
Sharing the Fulbright Ideal, The University of Alabama Global Cafe Model Carolyn Bero, Jilisa Milton, Hailah Said, Haglaeeh Contreras, Jenna Reynolds, Pandora White
Dr. Norma Hervey Populism: Winners and Losers in the 21st Century
Mr. Alexander Hinds Purposeful Travel Sparks Innovation
Mr. Neil Huben,
Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine
Maternal Mortality and Cervical Cancer in Developing Countries: Why One Medical Student is Interested in Obstetrics and Gynecology
Mr. Michael Joseph Kaly More than Two Sides to Every Border: Voices Across the U.S. Mexican Border
Ms. Komal Kumar HIV-to-HIV transplantation: Attitudes and Perceptions from around the World
Ms. Norma Marina Rodríguez García Producción escrita basada en géneros textuales: el caso de alumnos en C1, CELE-BUAP
Ms. Natasha Masub,
SUNY Downstate College of Medicine
Reciprocal mentoring as an innovative approach to medical education: a new pilot program to facilitate the integration of basic science knowledge with clinical practice
Dr. Rene McEldowney,
Auburn University
The Many Voices of Health Care Delivery in Mbarra Uganda Justus Asasira
Dr. Haydee Montenegro,
John F. Kennedy University
New horizons in Fulbright advocacy-in influencing programs to facilitate international students’ adjustment. Meng-Ju Yang
Ms. Jody Ann Pritt,
University of South Carolina
Before and After: Perspectives on International Education Administrators (IEA) Seminars. The Alumni and the Applicant. Dr. Wesley Curtis
Mr. Travis Sigafoos Construyendo puentes: psychological growth in Mexico and its impact on immigration legal work
Ms. Iva Skobic,
University of Arizona
Lessons from an English Teaching Assistantship: Student Engagement Through Critical Self-Reflection
Mr. Fernando Soriano Opportunities for Developing Culinary Prevention Programming Targeting Transnational Youth in U.S. Mexico Border Region.
Ms. Mary Stanton Fulbright Alumni Service Corps and Insight Trips: Continue the Fulbright Experience
Dr. Lloyd Taylor,
The Citadel
Insights into ADHD Based on Fulbright Experience
Ms. Suzanne Tierney,
Native English Institute
Fulbright Full Circle
Dr. Elizabeth Vu Bringing the Online Learning Revolution Offline
Ms. Megan Wagner,
The University of Alabama
Rethinking the Foundation: Creating a Fulbright Culture on Campus Dr. Matthew Feminella
Mr. David Wilson,
DePaul University
Foodways: Ambassadors for Peace
Dr. Shaye Worthman,
Tecnológico de Monterrey, Campus Puebla
Higher Education Access in the Sierra Norte of Puebla: Findings from a Fulbright-García Robles Graduate Degree Program Scholar
Ms. Nancy Elaine Wright Citizens’ Voices for North America’s Sustainability: NAFTA’s Commission for Environmental Cooperation