DeDe Long

2022 1946 Society Member of the Year

1946 Society Member Michael DeLucia nominated DeDe for this award. 1946 Society Member Alison Gardy honored Andréa at the October 2022 1946 Society Luncheon with the following text: 

I am honored to present this award to DeDe Long on behalf of Michael DeLucia, who nominated DeDe for this honor and is unable to be with us in person today. 1946 Society member DeDe Long embodies the Fulbright Association mission of extending the Fulbright tradition through service.

DeDe’s career in international education spans decades and includes exemplar leadership of the University of Arkansas’ Office of Study Abroad and International Exchange. At the University of Arkansas, DeDe served as the Fulbright campus program advisor for 25 years and received a Fulbright International Administrators grant to Germany in 2006. In 2016, when DeDe won the Hoyt H. Purvis Award for Service in International Education, fellow 1946er Hoyt Purvis shared that “DeDe has put the University of Arkansas on the world map with her tireless efforts and unwavering dedication. No one has done more to establish and nurture study abroad and international education at this university.”

A member of the Fulbright Association Board of Directors since 2018, DeDe served as Board Chair beginning in January 2020. Despite that unforeseen challenge of leading during a global pandemic, DeDe’s leadership strengthened our Association. She embraced best practices and helped all board members serve with efficiency, transparency, and accountability. She helped the Association to work towards greater diversity and inclusion, in part by establishing a Diversity and Inclusion Task Force, which has become a standing committee.

DeDe steered the board through a new strategic plan with specificity and benchmarks, adopted to focus development and identify vulnerabilities. While the Fulbright Prize was awarded to Bono this year, DeDe helped establish a new foundation for the Prize event by empowering talented people to work together towards a common goal.

DeDe is the first to credit others, but today we honor DeDe, whose vision helped our organization become what it is today. For her vision, leadership, and service, we recognize DeDe Long as a 2022 1946 Society Member of the Year.

DeDe’s Biography 

DeDe Long lives in Fayetteville, Arkansas, and has enjoyed a long career in international education at the University of Arkansas, celebrated as the home of the late Senator J. William Fulbright. She retired in July 2019 as Emeritus Director of the Office of Study Abroad and International Exchange. DeDe served as the Fulbright campus program advisor (FPA) for 25 years and received a Fulbright International Administrators grant to Germany in 2006. Born and raised in Denver, CO, she completed a B.A. in Comparative Religion from Bowdoin College and a M.ED. in Higher Education Administration from the University of Arkansas.

During her 40-year career, DeDe served on several boards related to international education. She was recognized multiple times for her professional accomplishments, including Life Membership to NAFSA: Association of International Educators; NAFSA’s Advocate of the Year Award; NAFSA Region III for Outstanding Service to International Education; UofA Employee of the Year; the inaugural Hoyt Purvis Award for Service to International Education; and the Arkansas Diamond Award by the Arkansas Secretary of State’s Office. DeDe is the current Treasurer of the Arkansas Chapter of the Fulbright Association.

She has served on the FA Board of Directors since 2018, having completed a two-year term as Chair of the Board in December 2021. Her board tenure will end in December 2023. She is an inaugural 1946 Society member.