About the Fulbright Program 

FA Member Leslie Bozeman leads a Fulbright in the Classroom presentation at Believe Circle City High School in Indianapolis, Indiana in December 2021

The Fulbright Program is the U.S. government’s flagship international education and cultural exchange program, creating connections in a complex and changing world.

Since 1946, over 400,000 “Fulbrighters” from more than 160 countries have shared knowledge across communities through the Fulbright Program. Alumni include 39 heads of state or government, 60 Nobel Prize Laureates, 88 Pulitzer Prize winners, teachers, doctors, corporate leaders, and public servants worldwide.

About the Fulbright Association  

Since 1976, the Fulbright Association has continued and extended the Fulbright tradition of education, advocacy, and service by connecting Fulbright alumni and partners across the globe. Empowered by our experiences as Fulbrighters and friends, members of the Fulbright Association are unified in our vision to serve as catalysts for a peaceful and interconnected world inspired by international educational exchange.



At the Fulbright Association, the Mission Continues...

… Through Service

Members of the Louisiana Chapter of the Fulbright Association serve a Thanksgiving Feast for 500 in Dulac following Hurricane Ida in November 2021


Led by energetic and dedicated volunteers, the Fulbright Association’s diverse and dynamic network of 57 chapters serves communities, schools, universities, and visiting Fulbrighters in 37 states.

Fulbright in the Classroom

Through Fulbright in the Classroom, Fulbrighters share their passion for global connections with students in kindergarten through college, especially in communities underrepresented in the Fulbright Program. In 2021, Fulbrighters presented to over 110 classrooms across the United States.

… Through Education
Annual Conference 

For almost 50 years, American and international Fulbrighters and friends have gathered annually to celebrate a powerfully diverse, creative, and multigenerational community of leaders. At these gatherings, hosted in the U.S. or abroad, participants share ideas, performances, perspectives, and research to build and educate our community as we live and learn together.

Fulbright Forums

The Fulbright Forum, the Association’s webinar series, has connected thousands of Fulbrighters and friends to exchange ideas, share stories, and discuss important issues.

… Through Advocacy 
Advocating for the Future of the Fulbright Program  

Chancellor of Germany Dr. Angela Merkel greets Fulbright Association members at the Fulbright Prize Ceremony in Berlin, January 2019

The Fulbright Association serves as the unified voice of the Fulbright community in advocating for the program to the U.S. Congress. We pursue a strategic and non-partisan approach to advocacy as we campaign to strengthen the Fulbright Program’s funding, which must be appropriated every year.

Alumni constituents educate Congress and other stakeholders on the Program’s impact through storytelling and community engagement. We participate in 100 in-person and virtual meetings annually, conduct write and call-in campaigns, and encourage chapter connections to local offices, showing the continuing impact of Fulbright.

The Fulbright Prize for International Understanding 

Since 1944, the Fulbright Association has presented the Fulbright Prize to an extraordinary pantheon of global leaders who promote international understanding.

The 2021 Fulbright Prize to Bono garnered nearly 10,000 livestream views from 35 countries around the globe and an audience of 500 in-person attendees including 18 members of Congress as well as ambassadors and diplomats from 20 countries.

… Because of You

The Fulbright Association harnesses the energy and expertise of nearly 100,000 alumni to promote peace and understanding. You can support our alumni community as, together, we invest in the future of Fulbright.