We are closing in on the end of the year. Thanksgiving was this past weekend, which signals the start of the holiday season. Some look forward to this time of the year, others do not. Probably everyone might agree though that it brings with it added stress and anxiety. Deadlines related to gift giving, party, and religious commitments crowd out our schedules. If you have children, managing their expectations is also a big part of
The Fulbright Association welcomes its newest chapter to its nationwide network: the Greater Pittsburgh Area Chapter. On September 20, 2018, Fulbrighters and friends of international education residing around the Pittsburgh region came together at the University of Pittsburgh for the chapter’s inauguration. Over 40 individuals, including both present and former Fulbrighters, were in attendance to support the chapter’s launch, where attendees brought with them the energy for engagement, the enthusiasm to connect, and most of
While I could give all the credit to the U.S. Fulbright Program, the reality is a little more complicated.  My enduring love for international travel and cross-cultural exchange started my freshman year at Pomona College when I spent six weeks working at an orphanage in Lima, Peru.  Although I had traveled abroad on several previous occasions, this was the first time I realized how incredible it is to live abroad, fully immersed in another culture
Michael Samuel Gilmor September 8, 1995 – August 25, 2018 Fulbright Polska ETA 2017-18 Life brings change, whether we ask for it or not. As an optimist, I try to find positivity in change, even when it is sudden, devastating, and unfair. Although August 25th, 2018, was a day that changed my life, it is not the one that altered my life forever. Michael’s death has shredded my heart in unimaginable pain. But the day
Life is one of continuous transition. Some of them are significant: finding a mate, starting a family, beginning a new job, and the passing of a loved one for instance. Some are not so, and are part of our day to day – driving to work is a transition. But as for significant and even seminal ones I would include the Fulbright experience. There are two transitions in Fulbright. The first is when you begin