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The mission of Fulbright is to build international bridges between the United States of America and the rest of the world through education, service, and people-to-people connections. The Fourth of July is a great time to reflect upon and celebrate these values – which participants of our newly launched 2018 Service Corps Trip to Malawi had the opportunity to demonstrate! While the trip officially began today, many participants embarked on the long journey to southeastern
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In my work as a career coach, I’m often attending professional events and  networking gatherings. It’s not that I’m looking for work, but rather, I’m out learning about trends and opportunities for others. For Fulbrighters, being engaged with others who have similar interests as well as potential employers is critical to advancing a career. David J Smith — career coach, author, and Fulbrighter How a Fulbrighter presents themselves is important in making the first impression.
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The New Mexico Chapter has worked diligently to establish a strong, state-wide network of Fulbright alumni and supporters of international exchange. Through a mutually beneficial relationship with the University of New Mexico and proactive leadership, the chapter has brought Fulbrighters from across the state together for internationally-focused events. The chapter co-sponsored an event with the Abrepaso Flamenco Company, which is directed by Alice Blumenfeld, who studied flamenco in Spain on a Fulbright grant and was
The Fulbright Association is pleased to share the winning design from our conference logo design competition. We received a record number of submissions to this year’s competition around our 2018 conference theme: “Un mundo, muchas voces.” Thanks to all who submitted designs for their contributions and creativity, and congratulations to Holly Wheeler, who designed the winning logo (right)! Wheeler, who lives in Flagstaff, Arizona, is a Fulbright alumna and a member of the Association’s Arizona Chapter.
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The Western New York/Northwest Pennsylvania Chapter of the Fulbright Association is dedicated to spreading the ideals of the Fulbright Program across the region through its programming and communications. The chapter serves both alumni and prospective Fulbrighters through a variety of partnerships within the broader international exchange community in the WNY/NWPA region. SUNY Fredonia drummers perform The chapter frequently collaborates with local universities to host small-scale conferences related to international exchange topics. Last spring, the Western