Donor Spotlight

Hilda Demsky

How did you become involved with the Fulbright Association?

After my Fulbright to The Netherlands, I wanted to meet other Fulbrighters. I wanted to hear their experiences in different parts of the world. I joined the Fulbright Association so I could attend the conferences and meet fascinating, well-educated people from many parts of the world. I especially enjoyed the conferences in Morocco, Budapest and England. In Budapest, my husband and I met with His Excellency Mayor Demsky to see if we were related. We weren’t, but we had a lovely visit.

Why do you enjoy being a member of the Fulbright alumni community?

Meeting scholars from a variety of academic fields is very enlightening. As an art educator, I wanted to exchange ideas with other teachers and share our methods of learning and teaching. I continue to learn about other countries and other cultures.

What is your hope for the future of the Fulbright Program and international understanding?

I hope the Fulbright program continues to thrive and more people have an opportunity to learn and to understand about people and life’s challenges. Learning has always been the best pursuit in life.

Why do you donate to the Fulbright Association?

Donating, even a small amount, makes me feel like I am contributing to Senator Fulbright’s goal of increasing understanding among all people of the world.

What are your interests outside of the Association?

I am a professional artist. I just completed a two-year project where I painted interpretive oil paintings inspired by responses of 36 United States Poets Laureate to The New York Times inquiry “What people in their state would be thankful for” during the Covid pandemic. It is currently a traveling exhibition. My goal is to paint what’s beautiful in our environment. I hope people find peace and serenity in my work. My website is