The Fulbright Association offers a Fulbright Classroom Grant thanks to a gift from Rose-Mari Van Otterloo. This grant provides Fulbrighters with resources to participate in Fulbright in the Classroom beyond their geographic area, connecting to K-through-College classrooms nationwide that serve under-represented communities, specifically students of color, students at community colleges, and those in rural areas.

Like other FIC volunteers, Classroom Grantees will share their experience of visiting another country (or their home country if they are/were a visiting Fulbrighter), helping students appreciate international cultures and traditions. This is not a recruitment program for Fulbright, but it will raise the profile of the Program to encourage more diverse applicants in the future.

23 Fulbright Classroom Grantees will be chosen competitively to make digital presentations in the Fall of 2022. Each grantee will receive $750 to make at least three presentations to U.S. K-through-College classrooms in communities that are under-represented by the Fulbright Program.

NEW THIS YEAR: Thanks to a new donation, this year we are adding 6 Grants for Fulbright Artists. If you are an artist, we invite your application to do presentations to college-level art classes. Young artists generally do not know they can be Fulbrighters. You can be a model and give them the inspiration to apply.

See the application process below. Please note that you must be a member of the Fulbright Association to participate in FIC and to apply for this grant.

Application Deadline: June 15, 2022

Apply to FIC Grant

Application Process – Applications due June 15, 2022

Learn here how to apply for the Fulbright Classroom Grant, funding members of the Fulbright Association to offer presentations in classrooms serving under-represented communities, specifically students of color, students at community colleges, and those in rural areas:


Identify three or more U.S. schools, colleges or universities that fit the criteria above.

We recommend that these three vary geographically but remain focused on the same age range (e.g., middle school students) to use a similar presentation for each. The links above will be helpful, but you may choose any appropriate school or college. Include in your proposal how the institutions you have chosen fit these criteria.


Contact appropriate teachers or professors in those institutions.

Explain your mission and request to offer a digital presentation (e.g., via Zoom) to their students about a specific foreign country. Guidelines, templates and strategies for this contact can be found in our toolkit. Be sure to explain that you are developing a fellowship application proposal. Set a tentative date for your presentation. (Please note the Fulbright Association cannot make these arrangements for you.)


Complete the Fulbright Classroom Grant application by June 15, 2022

Online Application
  1. Personal Statement – In this essay, please explain your interest in this Fellowship Program, including how your Fulbright experience affected your life and why you want to share that experience with students. (300-word maximum)
  2. Proposal – This will outline your plan for giving three presentations to under-represented students in the Fall of 2022. It should include your list of contacted faculty, your approach to sharing your experience, and a description of your digital presentation. (400-word maximum)
  3. Reference Request – Please list one person who will submit confidential letters of recommendation to by June 15, 2022.


Applicants with be notified by July 15, 2022.



Successful applicants

Successful applicants should then contact their faculty partners to finalize a time and date to offer their presentations in the Fall of 2021, and to further develop the presentation to suit classroom needs. Please see our toolkit and FAQs for suggested strategies.


Unsuccessful applicants are encouraged to participate in FIC as volunteers.



Report after the presentations

All participants will provide a report after the presentations. Click here for the Post-Event Reflection, submitting one for each presentation.