Marjory Macleod and Alastair Burnett

Fulbright Friends

Alastair taught at Leith Academy, and he joined me for the first morning tea break and continued throughout the year to “check in” with me. When he discovered that my husband was a photographer, he made a point to include us in family events, one of them coincidentally on my birthday. His sister, Marjory, also “adopted” us and introduced us to many holiday traditions which have become important to us.
In the early 2000s, Alastair asked my husband to photograph his wedding, as did Marjory’s son, Neil, in 2019. We were delighted to comply. Marjory Macleod, Alastair Burnett, and my other honoree, Bridget Gillespie have become part of our extended family, both in Scotland and in California.

By Sheila Madden Bridant