The Fulbright Association is pleased to announce the launch of a $5 million capital campaign, Fulbright: Now More Than Ever.

2017 marks the 40th anniversary of the Association — four decades of strengthening the Fulbright Program through advocacy, education, and outreach. We have grown to an organization of nearly 7,000 members and over 50 chapters across the nation, a community committed to securing the future of the Fulbright Program and amplifying its impact worldwide. Make a donation today to support our capital campaign — and our shared values.

What You Can Do

We are pleased to share that we have already raised $275,000 toward our goal. Thanks to the support of members and donors like you, we have a strong start. We need your help to maintain this momentum and drive toward our goal of $5 million by 2022. Here’s how you can help:

Become a Member

You may have joined a mailing list, but you may not have become a dues-paying member. We appreciate your involvement in advocacy, for instance, but we depend on your membership to support our mission. Please become a member, particularly at the Lifetime Level.

Become a Donor

Donate today as generously as you can. Donations are fully tax deductible, and they are the lifeblood of our organization. We appreciate all you can contribute. Consider choosing a dollar amount — $10, $25, $100, $250, $500 — and pledge to give that amount every month or year for the duration of this campaign. Your steady support will help us plan and grow, while helping you manage your philanthropy.

Consider a Transformational Gift

You know the transformative power of the Fulbright Program. Perhaps your grant was the single most important experience of your life. Think about giving a gift that reflects that — the largest gift you have ever made — to help the Program remain strong for generations to come. That could mean $100, or it could mean $100,000.

Join the 1946 Society

“1946ers” pledge to give $1,946 the first year, and $1,000 for the two years following, and they enjoy special access, recognition, and engagement in a variety of programming. Learn more about this special giving program.

Help Us Recruit Members & Donors

Contact your chapter or the national office to take a leadership role in growing our community and our resources. Help us find “missing” Fulbrighters in your network. Recruit potential donors to attend local salons and other events to learn about what we do and what impact their generosity will have.

Join the Advisory Council

Council members, pledging $10,000 per year for three years, serve as important advisers, providing strategic advice and input on all Fulbright Association programming. Learn more about this opportunity.

Why Now?

We live in perilous times. Across the globe, countries and regions are fragmenting into factions, suspicious of other peoples and cultures. In the U.S., our commitment to diplomacy seems in doubt. Now, more than ever, the world needs the power of the Fulbright Program to promote peace through international understanding.

It has been nearly twenty years since the Association has launched a capital campaign. Then, we raised $2.5 million to build an endowment that continues to fund our mission to amplify the “Fulbright Effect.” Today, we want to double that goal so that the Association and its chapters can share the Fulbright experience more widely, build a global community of alumni, and harness our talents to make the world more peaceful.

The goal of peace through understanding has inspired the Fulbright Program for 71 years. Since 1946, more than 370,000 Fulbrighters have traveled across the world to embody this commitment to peace. They now constitute an alumni community that is a powerful ongoing force for change. If you believe the world needs Fulbright now more than ever, and if you think we can do more together, support us in this campaign.

Our Goals

To amplify our voices and make a wider impact, we need more resources. For example, if we want to create programs to share our experiences with more people, in more communities nationwide, we need to increase our membership, provide the structure for visiting communities and K-12 classrooms, and empower our chapter members to serve as volunteers in this cause. If we wish to represent the Fulbright Program on Capitol Hill with more influence and reach, we need to enlist and support more advocates in more parts of the U.S. If we want to find and then connect alumni to each other, here and abroad, so they can join in developing projects, we need to build data and digital resources. If we want to continue our mission-driven Service Corps and Pathway Programs, we need to provide support for our volunteers.

That’s why we have pledged to raise $2 million in two years, with a final goal of raising $5 million over five years, by 2022. By then we also want to double our membership to 14,000. With greater financial strength, a larger membership, and a strong grassroots effort by our chapters, we can speak with greater credibility to members of Congress. We can offer more programs like the Fulbright-in-the-Classroom initiative, bringing the international exchange experience to K-12 schools nationwide. We can build a global platform that will allow alumni and others to find expertise within our community, build collaboration, and solve problems.

We need your help and generosity in reaching these goals. The Fulbright Association is an independent non-profit, giving us the freedom to advocate and to offer dynamic programming. To remain independent, we rely on membership fees and generous donations from individuals, corporations, and foundations. Working to reach our full potential as a community, to make a real difference in a troubled world, requires your help. We need your support.

Nothing is a given in a world where Fulbright funding could be cut in half, as the Administration proposed in May. No one will “Stand for Fulbright,” as we did in response, if you don’t support and join us. And next year, we could see efforts to eliminate the Program altogether. We must be strong and unified to ensure the future of the Fulbright Program, just as we are obligated by history and our own values to amplify its impact as widely as we can.

If we are to succeed in this undertaking, it will need the finest, most generous — possibly sacrificial — gift of which you are capable. With such a commitment, you will send a message to the Fulbright community and to our nation’s leadership of the importance you attach to the visions and goals of Senator J. William Fulbright’s inspirational achievement. Please support our campaign, “Fulbright Now More Than Ever,” by giving today.