Monday Evening Studio View presents a 1:1 rendering of the view from my studio window in
downtown L.A.’s Flower District. Within it, a summary of the uniqueness of life in present day downtown
Los Angeles can be found: palm trees, a sunset, warehouses, graffitti, flower shops, the tips of luxury lofts
hanging above a skyline peppered with homeless encampments. The sometimes contrasting icons lend
the image a quality of magical realism, blending specific local detail with subtle, symbolic exaggeration,
including a Pentacostal revival taking place in a box truck-turned-altar beneath an impossibly large
Canary Palm. While the mobile revival is a weekly occurrence in the neighborhood, the massive palm is
both iconic of the city, and representative of colonial legacies and the sometimes unexpected beauty of
finding things out of place in the so called ‘modern world’.

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