Sun Ann Toms

Mid-Florida Chapter Treasurer

Sue Ann joined the Fulbright Association in 2016.

When and where did your Fulbright take place? What did you do during your grant year?

In 1976 to 1977 in Podgorica, Montenegro, as a Lecturer, I taught English as a Foreign Language to faculty at the Technical Institute.

In 1988 in India, through a Fulbright Group Project Abroad on women’s studies, I met with prominent Indian women from all walks of life. My personal research project was investigating illiterate mothers learning to read as their children did.

How has your Fulbright experience impacted your life and career?

For sure, it has made a great positive impact on my career path and been an important feature on my resume, setting me apart.

Blazing the trail: I was the first of a large graduate degree program to receive a Fulbright; the impact of greatest importance to me consists of the Fulbright recipients who followed annually in my footsteps after completing their studies in the same graduate program.

What is your most memorable experience as a Fulbright Association member?

It’s all memorable, but the constant new acquaintances of current and past international students, teachers, and researchers have enriched my life greatly since moving to this new city and state.

Sue Ann Toms