Ted Schwalbe

Western New York and Northwest Pennsylvania Board Member

Ted has been a Fulbright Association member since 1998.

When and where did your Fulbright take place? What did you do during your grant year?

I have been fortunate to have received five Fulbright awards. Two traditional teaching/research awards (Bulgaria 1997, Hungary 2004) and three Specialist assignments (Swaziland 2002, Namibia 2007, Albania 2017). All involved teaching media courses and researching local and national media systems.

How has your Fulbright experience impacted your life and career?

My predominant field of teaching and research became international media systems with most of my knowledge coming from the experiences I had in person during my Fulbrights. It also helped lead to receiving four major media training grants from the U.S. Department of State.

What is your most memorable experience as a Fulbright Association member?

It is hard to pick out one memorable experience as all of the Fulbright awards were wonderful. But I particularly enjoyed sharing the Fulbright in Bulgaria with my wife and teenage daughters. Having the children with us was a wonderful way to meet local families.

Have you met any Fulbright alumni as a Fulbright Association member? 

Since I am an active member with our local chapter (WNY/NWPA) and have also attended many national/international Fulbright Annual Conferences, I have met hundreds of alumni. What a joy it is to share experiences with others who have participated in Fulbright programs.

Ted Schwalbe
Ted with students at Alexander Xhuvani University in Elbasan, Albania