Robert Lively

Maine Chapter Founding Member and Maine Chapter President

Robert joined the Fulbright Association in 2000.


When and where did your Fulbright take place? What did you do during your grant year?

I participated in a seminar for U.S. Administrators in International Education in Germany in 2000. Our group of U.S. university deans, provosts, and presidents met with our counterparts at several German universities where we discussed various approaches to administrative questions/issues.


How has your Fulbright experience impacted your life and career? 

It reconfirmed my commitment to international education and travel, it broadened my understanding of the collaborative relationship that can exist between faculty and academic administrators, and it showed how encouraging, even expecting, student independence leads to an increase in their maturity as students and as individuals.


What is your most memorable experience as a Fulbright Association member? 

I am a founding member of the Maine Chapter of the Fulbright Association (2007), I served as president 2015-2018, and again 2022-2023. I served as the Chair of the Program Committee for the Annual Conferences, 2017-2021.


Have you met any Fulbright alumni as a Fulbright Association member? If so, briefly share about your experience and include a name if applicable/appropriate.

It is through my involvement with the Maine Chapter that I have come to know many of our fellow Maine Fulbrighters, and I got to meet many of our national and international Fulbright colleagues while serving with the Program Committee for the Annual Conferences. I also enjoyed working closely with the Fulbright staff and board while planning the Annual Conferences.


Robert Lively