Chapter Advisory Board (CAB)

The Fulbright Association’s Chapter Advisory Board (CAB) was initially created in January 2014. The objective of the CAB is to implement a nationwide chapter and national office engagement strategy whereby the Fulbright Association and its chapters work together to enhance the Association’s sustainability, build the alumni community, and secure the future of the Fulbright Program.

CAB is designed to better integrate chapter initiatives and activities with the Association’s national and international mission. It will provide a platform for peer training and the sharing of best practices; and will develop partnerships among chapters in the same geographic region, fostering regional discussions and activities to strengthen the chapter network.

CAB Leadership

Tom Haakenson


Northern California Chapter

Tom Haakenson is Special Assistant to the Provost for Faculty Support, as well as Associate Professor of Critical Studies and Visual Studies at California College of the Arts. He has served as Vice President to both the Northern California and the Minnesota Chapters of the Fulbright Association. His previous Fulbright awards include Germany (2002-2003) and the Fulbright German Studies Seminar (2012).

Holly Wheeler

Vice Chair

Arizona Chapter

Holly Wheeler was a Fulbright-Nehru English Teaching Assistant in New Delhi, India from 2016-2017. She is now an Education Abroad Advisor at Northern Arizona University.