On September 7, the House of Representatives voted 248 to 163 to defeat an amendment proposed by Rep. Keith Rothfus (R-PA-12) to cut the Fulbright Program by $30,000,000. This was an unusual moment for the Fulbright Program, which is often approved as part of a larger bill. This time, members were asked to vote specifically to cut the Fulbright to benefit another program.

We are glad for the support of the 248 House members that included Republicans and Democrats working together to vote against the amendment. We must worry about the 163 who might not understand the positive impact of the Fulbright Program. We must see this as a very strong opportunity to advocate to those 163 members.

In light of this, we urge you to come to Washington for our National Conference and Advocacy Day, from November 4-7, 2017. If your representative is on the list below of the 163 members who voted to cut Fulbright, your presence will be especially powerful. You can tell them in person why they should instead support the Fulbright Program. If your representative voted against this cut, you can thank them firsthand for their support. We need the collective Fulbright community joining the Association in advocating for the flagship U.S. exchange program.

These 163 representatives voted to cut the Fulbright Program:

Robert B. Aderholt (R—4th district)
Mo Brooks (R—5th district)
Bradley Byrne (R—1st district)

Andy Biggs (R—5th district)
Rick Crawford (R—1st district)
Trent Franks (R—8th district)
Paul A. Gosar (R—4th district)
Martha McSally (R—2nd district)

Paul Cook (R—8th district)
Duncan Hunter (R—50th district)
Darrell Issa (R—49th district)
Doug LaMalfa (R—1st district)
Kevin McCarthy (R—23rd district)
Tom McClintock (R—4th district)
Patrick T. McHenry (R—10th district)
Ed Royce (R—39th district)
Mimi Walters (R—45th district)

Ken Buck (R—4th district)
Doug Lamborn (R—5th district)
Scott Tipton (R—3rd district)

Neal Dunn (R—2nd district)
Matt Gaetz (R—1st district)
Ted Yoho (R—3rd district)
Francis Rooney (R—19th district)

Rick Allen (R—12th district)
Buddy Carter (R—1st district)
Doug Collins (R—9th district)
Drew Ferguson (R—3rd district)
Tom Graves (R—14th district)
Karen Handel (R—6th district)
Barry Loudermilk (R—11th district)
Austin Scott (R—8th district)
Robert Woodall (R—7th district)

Raul R. Labrador (R—1st district)

Randy Hultgren (R—14th district)
Mike Bost (R—12th district)

Jim Banks (R—3rd district)
Susan W. Brooks (R—5th district)
Larry Bucshon (R—8th district)
Trey Hollingsworth (R—9th district)
Luke Messer (R—6th district)
Todd Rokita (R—4th district)
Jackie Walorski (R—4th district)

Rod Blum (R—1st district)
Steve King (R—4th district)
David Young (R—3rd district)

Ron Estes (R—4th district)
Roger Marshall (R—1st district)
Kevin Yoder (R—3rd district)

Andy Barr (R—6th district)
James Comer (R—1st district)
Brett Guthrie (R—2nd district)
Harold Rogers (R—5th district)

Garret Graves (R—6th district)
Clay Higgins (R—3rd district)
Mike Johnson (R—4th district)
Ralph Abraham (R—5th district)

Bruce Poliquin (R—2nd district)

Andy Harris (R—1st district)

Bill Huizenga (R—2nd district)
Paul Mitchell (R—10th district)
Tim Walberg (R—7th district)

Jason Lewis (R—2nd district)
Tom Emmer (R-6th district)

Steven Palazzo (R—4th district)

Sam Graves (R—6th district)
Vicky Hartzler (R—4th district)
Blaine Luetkemeyer (R—3rd district)
Jason Smith (R—8th district)
Ann Wagner (R—2nd district)

Greg Gianforte (R—At large)

Adrian Smith (R—3rd district)

New Jersey
Leonard Lance (R—7th district)
Chris Smith (R—4th district)

New York
Chris Collins (R—27th district)
John J. Faso (R—19th district)
John Katko (R—24th district)
Tom Reed (R—23rd district)
Elise Stefanik (R—21st district)
Claudia Tenney (R—22nd district)

North Carolina
Robert Pittenger (R—9th district)
Ted Budd (R—13th district)
Virginia Foxx (R—5th district)
George Holding (R—2nd district)
Richard Hudson (R—8th district)
Mark Meadows (R—11th district)
David Rouser (R—7th district)
Mark Walker (R—6th district)

North Dakota
Kevin Cramer (R—At large)

Robert E. Latta (R—5th district)
Jim Renacci (R—16th district)
Pat Tiberi (R—12th district)
Michael Turner (R—10th district)
Brad Wenstrup (R—2nd district)
Steve Chabot (R—1st district)
Warren Davidson (R—8th district)
Bob Gibbs (R—7th district)
Bill Johnson (R—6th district)
Jim Jordan (R—4th district)

Markwayne Mullin (R—2nd district)
Steve Russell (R—5th district)

Greg Walden (R—2nd district)

Lou Barletta (R—11th district)
Mike Kelly (R—3rd district)
Tim Murphy (R—18th district)
Scott Perry (R—4th district)
Keith Rothfus (R—12th district)
Bill Shuster (R—9th district)
Lloyd Smucker (R—16th district)

South Carolina
Jeff Duncan (R—3rd district)
Trey Gowdy (R—4th district)
Ralph Norman (R—5th district)
Tom Rice (R—7th district)
Joe Wilson (R—2nd district)

South Dakota
Kristi Noem (R—At large)

Diane Black (R—6th district)
Marsha Blackburn (R—7th district)
Scott DesJarlais (R—4th district)
John Duncan (R—2nd district)
Chuck Fleischmann (R—3rd district)
David Kustoff (R—8th district)
Phil Roe (R—1st district)

Jodey Arrington (R—19th district)
Brian Babin (R—36th district)
Joe Barton (R—6th district)
Michael C. Burgess (R—26th district)
Mike Conaway (R—11th district)
Blake Farenthold (R—27th district)
Louie Gohmert (R—1st district)
Kay Granger (R—12th district)
Jeb Hensarling (R—5th district)
Sam Johnson (R—3rd district)
Kenny Marchant (R—24th district)
Michael T. McCaul (R—10th district)
Pete Olson (R—22nd district)
Ted Poe (R—2nd district)
John Ratcliffe (R—4th district)
Pete Sessions (R—32nd district)
Lamar Smith (R—21st district)
Mac Thornberry (R—13th district)
Randy Weber (R—14th district)
Roger Williams (R—25th district)
Lee Zeldin (R—1st district)

Rob Bishop (R—1st district)
Mia Love (R—4th district)
Chris Stewart (R—2nd district)

Dave Brat (R—7th district)
Bob Goodlatte (R—6th district)
Morgan Griffith (R—9th district)
Scott Taylor (R—2nd district)
Robert J. Wittman (R—1st district)

Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R—5th district)
Dan Newhouse (R—4th district)
David G. Reichert (R—8th district)

West Virginia
Evan Jenkins (R—3rd district)
David McKinley (R—1st district)
Alex Mooney (R—2nd district)

Sean Duffy (R—7th district)
Mike Gallagher (R—8th district)
Glenn Grothman (R—6th district)
James F. Sensenbrenner (R—5th district)

Liz Cheney (R—At large)


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