Political and Academic Persecution – Ivanna Khodonovych – Ukraine 2006-07

I am a former Fulbrighter at San Jose State University from 2006-2007 who studied Linguistics. I aimed to study Cognitive Linguistics/Cognitive Sciences in view of the fact that I had been working closely with Anna Chesnokova, Willie van Peer, and other students in REDES group (empirical researchers). Anna Chesnokova was my Academic Supervisor at KNLU and I based my graduation thesis on Lakoff’s book “Metaphors We Live By,” which became the foundation of my research project while applying for a Fulbright scholarship. 

I graduated from Kiev National Linguistic University in 2005, specializing in English and German, as well as World Literature. After graduation, I went to Germany to study Political Sciences at University of Würzburg (Bavaria) because the selection procedure for Fulbright applicants took more than one year. Within the year I passed the TOEFL, GRE, and wrote many academic papers.

At SJSU, I was obliged to take some classes that did not belong to my sphere of interests like Phonetics and Phonology. In fact, I did not resist because Manjari Ohala monitored the whole process closely. Roula Svorou was my Academic Advisor and Kate Leiva Segura was my Fulbright Coordinator in San Francisco. Inna Barysh was my Fulbright Coordinator in Ukraine.

Ivanna Khodonovych – Fulbright to Ukraine 2006-07

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