Fulbright from the UK to United States 1997

Purchase instructions: email info@fulbright.org with artist name & details of art piece

Artist Statement

Originally from the industrial northeast of England, I’m a photographer based in Venice, California. My work focuses on how social processes — citizenship, security, education, government itself — manifest themselves, through a kind of secular immanence, in the physical structures that represent them. Just as we confront these ideological structures individually, so these physical structures that embody them confront each of us singly. As Louis Althusser argued, “all ideology hails or interpellates concrete individuals as concrete subjects.” These ideological structures exist everywhere, just beyond our perception, inspiring a kind of paranoia I’ve tried to capture in my work. My work is architectural and psychogeographic, informed by Roland Barthes’ theoretical work, and the photography of Bernd & Hilla Becher, Candida Höfer, and August Sander.