Fulbright to United States from Nicaragua 2016-2019

Purchase instructions: email info@fulbright.org with artist name & details of art piece

Artist Statement

What motivates human craving for knowledge? How are the greatest human achievements accomplished?

Through my art, I try to reflect the human quest for deciphering the mysteries of nature through art and science, as well as reflecting social issues and important events in history. My main painting technique is Oil on canvas, through which I emulate the methods of the old masters like Velasquez, Rembrandt and Caravaggio. Additionally, I also explore other mediums like Acrylic, ink, watercolor and charcoal depending on my subject and the nature of my painting. Moreover, being right-handed, I also paint with my left hand, achieving a totally different, more abstract style and lately, I have been capturing live scenes via watercolor and ink, during my trips across Europe.