Fulbright to The Netherlands, 1992

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Artist Statement

I have been painting most of my life. After four years as a Painting & Design Major at Carnegie Mellon University, I moved to New York. All through my school years, it was drawing and painting that gave me the most pleasure. So, it was natural for me to gravitate to art for my life and career.

When I am near a body of water, whether it’s the ocean or a river like the Susquehanna where I grew up in PA, I find inspiration in the ebb and flow. For me, it’s metaphorical like the ebb and flow of my life through many intriguing elements: dance, the cosmos, the environment or the changing seasons.

I took a course with Josef Albers, and he influenced my love of color and how it can vibrate.

Wanting to broaden my experience as a painter, I traveled to many countries -The Netherlands, China, Italy, England, Morocco, France, Ireland, and the U.S. Virgin Islands Each of these helped me get a better understanding of the diverse cultures and geography of our universe.

My work shifts from abstract to expressionistic and, sometimes, representational. I let life experiences lead the way.