Fulbright to Italy, 1985-86
Fulbright to India, 2005-06
Fulbright to Uzbekistan, 2019-20

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Artist Statement

Don Fels is a visual artist, writer and researcher based in the Pacific Northwest. His projects explore how even after centuries, discovery, cultivation, extraction and production continue to mark a place and its culture. He is fascinated by patterns- natural, cultural, and those created by hands working with materials. He trained as a painter and continues to paint, most recently with fresco in Italy. He creates collages with found papers, sculptural ceramics, and large sculptural installations in the public realm. He has been drawing and taking photographs since he was in grade school. Each of his Fulbright experiences has engendered repeat visits to the countries that have hosted him. In 2021 he will be returning to Tashkent, Uzbekistan as a CEC ArtsLink Fellow to collaborate with the fabled Ilkhom Theatre.