Fulbright to Finland, 2002-2003
Fulbright to Sweden, 2008
Fulbright to Tunisia, 2012
Fulbright to Indonesia, 2013

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Artist Statement

It was a pleasure to work in TU immediately following the Arab Spring in 2012. While challenging, the enthusiasm of the peoples was infectious. It made me proud of my own country and what we accomplished, which, while not perfect, was a step forward. It has been my goal to showcase in an additional manner the wonderful people I meet on my Fulbright appointments, but in an aesthetic manner-using my art as an illustration of these interesting and different cultures. I hope this portrait expands the viewer’s understanding of the people of TU, for example.


Charlotte McDaniel served as president and founding President for Chapters in Georgia and Central VA, respectively. She has enjoyed four Fulbright appointments, all of which have been enriching. These pictures document the lovely culture of several of those countries.

                              Berber Matriarch

                              Region just south of Safx, Tunisia.

The Café Ladies

Turku, Finland, where these ladies
enjoyed a leisurely traditional coffee.

                                   Garden Iris

Backyard garden, filled with multi-colored Iris.