Roundtable Discussion Presentations
2018 Annual Conference

Name(s), Institution Presentation Title
Ms. Kara Andrade, Noel Dickover, Rasha Abdel Latif, Gerardo Torres, Derek Caelin

Counterpart International

Exploring the Innovation Journey in Closed and Open Civic Spaces
Mr. Joseph Antee

The Fashion Industry of Technology (S.U.N.Y.)

Fashion Business Strategies for Mexico
Dr. Jose Antonio Cisneros Tirado, Dr. Renee Scherlen, Dra. Melva Guadalupe Navarro Sequeira


Demystifying DACA: life stories vs media representations
Dr. Emma Bailey, Daniel Arturo Romero Leon

Universidad Veracruzana

Challenges of Return Migrants: Universidad Veracruzana Case Study
Dr. Adria Baker

Rice University

The Korean Conversation: Before the Fulbright, During and Ongoing
Dr. Leyah Bergman Lanier, Yolande Zahler

Spring International, University of Arkansas

How to keep scholarships from being Elitist: A Dialogue
Dr. Randy Diane Boothe

Boise State University

Online Teaching Presence: Strengthening Language Learning Across the Globe
Ms. Jessica Ellerbach

World Learning

Fulbright Specialist Program
Dr. Dora Fitzgerald

University of the Incarnate Word

The Mexico-U.S. border: Multiple constructions from film and political cartoons
Dr. Ana Gil Garcia

Illinois Venezuelan Alliance

Taking Action to Preserve Democracy and Promote Peace
Dr. Amy Gilley

Arkansas State University- Queréatro

Transforming landscapes: Mostar’s classrooms and streets
Ms. Barbara Jean Hall, David J. Marcus

Georgia State University

Post-Fulbright: Ripples in a Pond
Dr. Christopher Johnstone, Sherry Gray

University of Minnesota

From the Macro to the Micro: Sustained International Collaboration and Internationalization through Fulbright Exposure
Ms. Sarah Keeney Open Source Writing Materials for the Advanced ESL/EFL Learner
Dr. Merryl Kravitz

Evergreen Valley College

Borders from 100 Miles High
Dr. Lydia Kualapai, Mary Stanton, h’Enri Whitsey Johnson, Hildegard Morales Service Project Vietnam: Remembrance, Reconciliation, and Restoration
Ms. Komal Kumar Ethics, Economics, and Epidemiology of Global Organ Trafficking
Mr. Karthick Kumaran Quake Plate
Ms. Monya Lemery, Teri Albrecht

The University of Texas at Austin

A Roadmap to (Re) Engaging with Mexico for International Educators
Ms. Gina Malagold

University of Massachusetts-Amherst, Brandeis University

Anita Brenner’s Vision 1924-1928: Translating Mexican Jewish Identity
Dr. Johnathan Mari Emotional-Intelligence, Reasoning Ability, and Self-Efficiency as Predictors of Achievement
Mr. Josh Meltzer, Jose Cabrera, Danielle Strickland

Rochester Institute of Technology

Internal Migration – Costs and Benefits of Rural to Urban Movement within Mexico
Dr. Linda Kay Mizell

Collin College

Transformative Education for Successful Re-entry: Fulbright Partnership in Prison Project in Mindanao
Ms. Monica O’Hearn

Counterpart International

Compromisos colectivos – Anti-Corruption as a Collective Commitment in Latin America
Mr. Nils Pieter de Molvan Otterloo

USC Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work

South Asia at the Crux: Dementia and Healthcare Policy
Ms. Monique Renee Mansour

Loyola Marymount University

Cura Personalis: Lessons from Malta
Dr. Frances Rothstein

Montclair State University

Mexicans On the Move: Migration and Return to Rural Mexico
Ms. Astrid Schmied, Isabel López, Özlü Aran

University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

Cross-disciplinary Studies to Promote Lifetime Learning
Ms. Molly Hamilton Sherman, Amanda Nicole Gulla

Lehman College/City University of New York

Nobody Knows the Stories of Others: Young Immigrant Writers Find Voice and Empowerment through Poetry
Ms. Sue Uhlig Una programa, muchos resultados (One program, many results)
Ms. Natalie Vieira

All Our Kin

Global Citizenry from Day One
Dr. Julie Villegas

University of Washington, Honors Program, Seattle

Creating Connections: Study Abroad to Fulbright
Dr. Consuelo Waight, Susan Catapano

University of Houston

National Development In Belize: Insights from Early Childhood, Literacy Education, and Human Resource Development
Mr. Laurence Warner, Tushar Kelkar

University of Chicago

Who on earth doesn’t use a smartphone in 2018?
Dr. Charles Webel

Chapman University and University of New York in Prague

Redefining Peace
Mr. Phillip Wenturine “Pessoas of Portugal”: The Westernmost of Europe’s Take on “Humans of New York”
Ms. Stephanie Wolfe

Soccer Without Borders

Playing for Change: Using Soccer as a Vehicle for Language Development and Social Inclusion
Dr. Andrew Wood

San Jose State University

Disrupting Education: Lessons (and Consequences) of the Silicon Valley Model
Dr. Christine Yeh, Dr. Saera Khan

University of San Francisco

Building Cross-Disciplinary Communities for Social Justice
Ms. Sophie Zinser

Fulbright Jordan

Alternative Education’s Ability to Elevate Women’s Voices in Jordan’s Syrian Refugee Crisis
Dr. Deborah Zuercher

University of Hawaii at Manoa

Many Voices Process: Culturally Responsive Communication