Dr. William Vocke

2023 1946 Society Member of the Year

Fulbright Association Executive Director John Bader honored Dr. Vocke at the October 2023 1946 Society Luncheon with the following text: 

I am honored to recognize Dr. William Vocke on behalf of Michael DeLucia, who nominated Will for this honor and is unable to be with us in person today. 1946 Society Member Dr. Vocke has had a distinguished career as a professor, scholar, and nonprofit leader. A lifelong proponent of international education, Dr. Vocke embodies the Fulbright Association mission of extending the Fulbright tradition through education.

From 2011 to 2019, Dr. Vocke promoted public diplomacy, ethics, and international exchange as Executive Director of the Foundation for Scholarly Exchange, Fulbright Taiwan. Under Dr. Vocke’s leadership and following Senator Fulbright’s vision, the Foundation sought to build a “world with a little more knowledge and a little less conflict.”

Fulbrighters in Taiwan knew Dr. Vocke for his commitment to the promotion of people-to-people diplomacy.” Dr. Vocke modeled this diplomacy by inviting visiting Fulbrighters to his home in Taiwan, which Fulbrighters considered a rich cultural experience.

Dr. Vocke was also known for his attention to cultural detail. A 2017 Fulbrighter remarked on the importance of Dr. Vocke’s reminder to wave goodbye to hosts as they departed from a school. She wrote, “Being reminded of seemingly small cultural customs in a real-world setting is an important lesson for those of us who work daily in developing intercultural competence in students.”

As a current member of the Fulbright Association Board of Directors, Dr. Vocke brings important perspective to advocacy, management, and finances. In his role as board treasurer, Dr. Vocke has helped the Fulbright Association become more strategic by championing strong and transparent reporting, policy updates, responsible endowment stewardship, and the development of creative strategies for sustainable financial strength.

Dr. Vocke’s board colleagues note that his leadership is rooted in integrity and determination. He brings a global and thoughtful perspective to the fulfillment of the Fulbright Association mission. Forever a people-to-people diplomat, he also draws upon his long-term relationships to unite the Fulbright Association with stakeholders in the Fulbright commission community and at the State Department.

For Dr. Vocke’s commitment to the Fulbright community and the Fulbright Association, as exemplified by his leadership as Executive Director of Fulbright Taiwan and as a member of the FA Board of Directors, the 1946 Society celebrates Dr. William Vocke as a 1946 Society Member of the Year.

Dr. William Vocke is past Executive Director of the Foundation for Scholarly Exchange, Fulbright Taiwan. Dr. Vocke spent about 20 years as a college professor and administrator, and approximately 15 years directing World Affairs Councils. He was a Senior Fellow and Program Director at the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs in New York. Earlier, he taught at Juniata College and UW Milwaukee. In Taiwan, he was a Professor in the Department of Diplomacy at National Chengchi University, taught at Taiwan’s Foreign Service Institute, and consulted at National Taiwan University. He was also a Board Member of the American Chamber of Commerce in Taipei and of the Foundation for Scholarly Exchange. Dr. Vocke’s Ph.D. is from the Department of Government and International Relations at the University of South Carolina. Dr. Vocke currently serves as the Treasurer of the Fulbright Association Board of Directors. He has been a 1946 Society member since 2020.