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A Voice in Congress – Tips for Sending an Effective Letter

Writing to your Members of Congress in support of the Fulbright Program is easy! It just takes a few clicks to forward a compelling letter – a highly effective way to express your views to your elected officials.

For even greater effect, personalize the letter with examples of how Fulbright matters to you and constituents in your home district or state and how a minor investment provides such a strong return on investment:

•  Customize it by adding your Fulbright country, year and research or teaching focus
•  Share a story about a local business, NGO or academic partnership that developed as a result of your Fulbright
•  Tell a compelling example of how your Fulbright has provided value to a local organization, nonprofit or university
•  Describe how your Fulbright has impacted your district, state or the public good – specific anecdotes work well
(academic advancement, leadership, economic growth, national security)
•  Remember, please keep your letter to one page

Click here for the pre-written letter in CapWiz on our partner’s website, the Alliance for International Exchange:

1) Compose Message – Edit the House and Senate letters
2) Authentication – Confirm it’s sent from an individual
3) Contact Info – Add your contact info
4) Send Message – Click send and your email will be sent to your Senators and Representative

Thanks for raising your voice to secure our program’s future! Help us reach our goal of 1,000 alumni letters in April!

Write Your Congressman - Click to Send Letter Using CapWiz Tool