Giving Fulbright a Voice

J William Fulbright

“There is nothing obscure about the objectives of educational exchange. Its purpose is to acquaint Americans with the world as it is and to acquaint students and scholars from many lands with America as it is – not as we wish it were or as we might wish foreigners to see it, but exactly as it is – which by my reckoning is an “image” of which no American need be ashamed.”

– J. William Fulbright

Through our Raise Your Voice campaign and our Advocacy Month, Fulbright is striving to increase the profile of international exchange programs – and their very tangible value in communities across the United States.

In 2014, the Fulbright program came under threat of a 7-figure detraction from its annual budget allotted by the State Department. In response, a letter-writing campaign was organized; Fulbright alumni and others who recognized the importance of the program successfully lobbied Congress to reverse this decision. We now work to ensure Fulbright remains crucial in the minds of our lawmakers and ensure its good work continues for the next 70 years of its history.

At a time when pressure is again mounting for reductions in federal spending, Members of Congress need to hear directly from their constituents about the local impact of Fulbright in their home states and districts. They need to be aware that exchange programs benefit local communities, colleges and universities, high schools, businesses, and individual citizens.

During this Advocacy Month, our Members of Congress need to hear from YOU.

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