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Experience New Cultures and Give Back
Fulbright Alumni Service Corps

Fulbrighters and Friends of Fulbright don’t only want to tour other countries, they want to experience them. Global exchange is the foundation of Fulbright, and all of our tours celebrate mutual dialogue, learning, and friendship. But if you are looking for a travel experience that allows you to give more than simply exchange, our Service Corps trips are for you.

The foundation of our Service Corps is service: we work with local non-profits to offer our expertise and our labor to benefit an area of a country, and in the process, learn about issues the country faces on a deeper level. But a Service Corps trip is not all work, either – each trip will guide its travelers under the Fulbright mission of learning and exchanging. You will  have opportunities to get to know the local region and its citizens, see amazing sites, and experience the local culture.

Are you looking to make a positive impact on a country?  Are you willing to do some light labor in exchange for helping save a cultural heritage, support local medical groups, and more?  Then join us on our next Service Corps tour!

Please navigate through the menu to view our current roster of Service Corps trips, or visit our Travel Page for a full list of upcoming tours.