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Call for Nominations for the National Board of Directors

The Fulbright Association is pleased to announce the Call for Nominations to fill upcoming vacancies on the National Board of Directors.

Nominations must be received no later than June 10, 2017 to be considered by the Nominations Committee for our next term. Self-nominations are encouraged. Nomination does not guarantee that your name will appear on the final ballot.

Why Join the Board?

•  Create strategic impact in the Fulbright alumni community. You’ll have the opportunity to use your voice and connections to help shape the Fulbright Association’s mission and vision.
•  Gain a broader vantage point into what’s happening across our alumni community and the opportunities to better connect our alumni community. In 2018, the opportunity is particularly interesting as we begin our next three-year strategic plan (2017-2021).
•  Make new connections for life through unique networking opportunities where you’ll meet inspiring alumni across our global community and leaders in international exchange.
•  Learn more about the cause you serve. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of the Fulbright program, international exchange and public diplomacy and ways alumni continue to live the Fulbright ideals.
•  Expand your professional skillsets. Board service involves decision-making, leadership, governance, financial management, operations, advocacy, communications and development – all skills you can apply to your future endeavors.
•  Give back as an ambassador in the Fulbright community to ensure future generations experience the Fulbright effect – gaining as much from their experience as you did.

Board Member Responsibilities

•  Directors serve a three-year term starting January 1, 2018
•  Annual financial commitment and fiscal responsibilities
    •  Board members agree to make an annual donation of at least $1,500 annually (or $4,500 during three-year term)
    •  Fiscal and legal responsibilities as a board member of a 501(c)(3) nonprofit
    •  Remain a donor or dues paying member following board term
•  Attend 3 board meetings or retreats annually (one or more in-person)
•  Participate on one board committee and one working group
•  Participate in one chapter activity and mentor one chapter board leader
•  Attend one Fulbright Association national event annually
•  Provide 5 contacts to staff to help secure new donations or memberships
•  Participate in local or national advocacy as a Fulbright Association ambassador

Note: The National Board has added a new Young Adult category of Board of Directors starting in 2017. In this first year, nominations were selected from the membership by the Governance Committee.

How to Submit a Board Nomination

•  Complete the Board Nomination Applicationincluding two references
•  Sign the Board Commitment Form
•  Attach your CV/resume and photo (electronic .jpg or .tif to include in the online ballot)
•  Email your nomination packet to the Fulbright Association

Questions? Email Mary Ellen Schmider at or call 202.775.0725.