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Fulbright Was a Game Changer For Me

I come from a family that didn’t necessarily value travel or adventure. My parents’ idea of an international vacation was a drive to Canada to look at fall foliage. So to be given the chance to live in India for 5 months, and to do work in Pakistan…these were a life-changing experiences for me. Game changers. When the Fulbright Association Executive Director challenged us at the annual conference to give back, it struck a chord in me.

I’m a college professor: I don’t have a lot of money to donate. But I can volunteer. When my first sabbatical came up, I made a list of things I wanted to accomplish during that time. On the list was spending a week volunteering at the Fulbright Association office in D.C.

Fulbright has given me some of the most exciting and profound experiences of my life: experiences that would not have been possible without it. I feel a deep responsibility to give back.

The Fulbright Association is here to connect and provide a platform for you to give back and stay engaged with the Fulbright community and to advocate to sustain the Fulbright program. But not everyone can come volunteer in DC for the week.

How can you connect and engage today?

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Kathleen Mulligan
Associate Professor of Voice and Speech, Ithaca College
Fulbright Nehru Scholar- India
Fulbright Specialist- Pakistan