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Experience the World with Fulbrighters
Insight Tours

Are you wanting to look deeply into a region, interact with its citizens, and actually see beyond just the surface of the country?  Then Insight Tours are for you.  Our Insight Tours are constructed with the guiding principle of learning and exchange. It is not enough to simply see a site, our goal is to understand it. It is not enough to simply meet people, our intention is mutual dialogue. Insight Tours are not about relaxing in resorts: we bring serious travelers together to experience a country and learn about its history and culture.

Insight Tours bring you to museums, monuments, and marketplaces. You may meet with scholars and students at universities, or small business owners and political or institutional leaders. We bring in experts in art, history, economics, or more, to help you understand historical or contemporary issues. You may have the opportunity to present your own relevant research, and start your own dialogue, too.

We offer a wide variety of destinations and the tours are led by those with a deep knowledge of the region. We are adding new Insight Tours every year.  Don’t see an Insight Tour to where you would like to go?  Be sure to contact us and ask us to develop one!

To see our upcoming Insight Tours, navigate through the menu above, or visit our Travel Page for a full list of upcoming trips.