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1946 SOCIETY: INAUGURAL MEMBER                                         $1,946 to join Society & $1,000 annually (minimum 2 years)
Sustained support for alumni service programs and programs for cultural understanding
•  Exclusive 1946 Society Inaugural Member Reception celebrating 70th Anniversary
•  Participation in State of Fulbright commentary opportunities
Exclusive invitations to new programs and events
•  Custom designed 1946 Society Pin
Donor name in the Annual Report by gift level

J. WILLIAM FULBRIGHT ALUMNI COUNCIL                       $30,000 & up (starting at $10K for 3 consecutive years)
Exclusive Council provides substantial funds over multiple years to help secure the program’s future and ensure relevance and sustainability.
•  Experiential event just for you and Council members
•  Become an Official Champion for Fulbright alumni with thought leadership opportunities
•  Donor name in the Annual Report by gift level
•  All benefits of the 1946 Society


PATRON                        $5,000-9,999
•  Exclusive invitation to Leadership Lecture Series for a period of 2 years
•  Donor name in Annual Report by gift level

ADVOCATE                   $2,500-4,999
•  Exclusive invitation to Leadership Lecture Series for a period of 1 year
•  Donor name in Annual Report by gift level

SUSTAINER                  $500-2,499
•  Donor name in Annual Report by gift level

BENEFACTOR              $100-499
•  Donor name featured on website by gift level

FRIEND                          Up to $100
•  Donor name featured on website by gift level

Help us Fund It Forward to Reach Our Goal




LEGACY GIFT: A REMARKABLE LIFE SHOWCASE             $5,000 & up (recommended minimum)
Secure your legacy by including the Fulbright Association in your estate plan or will. Chronicle the Fulbright effect on your remarkable life.
•  Showcase your Remarkable Life story through our website & other channels. Video showcase at certain giving levels.
•  Donor name in the Annual Report by gift level

Make a Commitment to Secure the Future


Planned Giving (three options):

1. Outright Gift
Charitable bequests are gifts of any property (real or cash) made by naming the Fulbright Association as a beneficiary in a person’s will. The donor can also bequeath a particular asset or a percentage of their estate rather than a dollar amount.  Donors who choose this option should leave the gift to the Fulbright Association and have the option to donate directly or in the name of another person.  The Federal Tax ID:  52-1821935

Bequests can take various forms: a general bequest, a residuary bequest, a percentage bequest, or a restricted bequest.

• A general bequest is one of the most popular ways to make a charitable gift by will. The donor simply leaves a specific dollar amount to the Fulbright Association.
• A residuary bequest is given to the Fulbright Association after all (or a portion) of an estate owner’s property after all debts, taxes, expenses and other bequests have been paid.
• A percentage bequest is expressed as a percentage of the estate or of the residuary estate.
• A restricted bequest restricts the bequest for a specific purpose. This can include setting up an endowment.

2. Life Insurancer
Life insurance gifts can include whole life, universal, and other forms of life insurance policies.  Donors can contribute all or part of a policy to the Fulbright Association when you are named as a beneficiary.  The donor retains ownership of the policy and has access to the policy’s cash value.  Since the donor retains ownership, no charitable income tax deduction is allowed upon making the Fulbright Association the beneficiary.   Once the donor passes away and the proceeds are paid to the Fulbright Association, the donor’s estate will be allowed a charitable estate-tax deduction.  Donors need to work with their insurance provider to designate the Fulbright Association as the beneficiary.

3. Retirement Plans
Retirement plans are another easy way for the donor to make a gift to the Fulbright Association. Through the retirement plan provider, a donor can designate the Fulbright Association as a full or partial beneficiary.  This gift can be designated when the fund is first established or changed at a later date. The plan administrator will provide a change of beneficiary form upon request. Giving in this way can help maximize tax savings.

If you have questions about any of these options, please contact the Fulbright Association staff at 202.775.0725