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We need every Fulbrighter to send letters, donate and tell others. Numbers matter in Congress to secure our program’s future!

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What could be better than helping to support the Fulbright Program’s mission, while also making a smart financial decision? If you would like to donate a gift of stock, please give our office a call at (202) 775-0725 for more information.


Why It Matters

Watch these videos on why it matters to send a letter and donate today!

Hear these alumni stories on the impact of Fulbright. Share broadly with members of Congress and community leaders!

Where Your Donations Go


With your donation, we can boost funding to advance our advocacy efforts and amplify our voice in Congress! LEARN MORE ><

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Educate Campaigns
Educate and cultivate relationships with campaigns for presidential frontrunners
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Impact Materials
Create new Impact of Fulbright materials for Congressional leaders and campaign staff
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Storytelling Campaign
Mobilize storytelling campaign to increase visibility for the Fulbright effect and amplify our voice
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Mission Programs
Launch 1-2 new mission programs and partnerships supporting alumni