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Online Communications

The Fulbright Association posts action alerts and updates about Fulbright Program funding to its website throughout the year. When submitting your action item to your members of Congress, please take a moment to add personal details about your Fulbright experience and how it specifically benefited your local community, as well as how it is an extremely cost-effective investment with a very high return.

Making Phone Calls

When urgent and rapid action is needed to prevent Fulbright Program cuts, Fulbright alumni are strongly encouraged to call their members of Congress. Use and adapt the sample script below for making phone calls.

Sample Telephone Script in Support of Fulbright Program Funding

“Hello, my name is ________________ and I am a constituent from _________________ where the ZIP Code is __________, and I am an active proponent of the Fulbright Program. I am calling today to urge Senator/Representative __________ to support funding the Fulbright Program at $250 million to sustain the program.

Fulbright and other State Department international exchange programs are smart and cost-effective investments in American global economic competitiveness and national security. State Department exchange programs currently constitute 0.0001% (one ten-thousandth) of the federal budget. Yet the economic and national security benefits these programs return to the United States far outweigh this relatively modest expenditure.
I look forward to hearing Senator/Representative ____________’s position on funding State Department exchanges. If the Fulbright Association or I can provide any more information about the Fulbright Program or other exchange programs, please don’t hesitate to contact me at [my phone number/address with zip code].”


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FA staff met with Congressman Tom Cole (R-OK), one of 3 members of Congress who is a Fulbright alum. Congressman Cole serves on the House Appropriations Committee. As he told us in his office, “It’s cheaper to send [Fulbright] scholars overseas than battalions”. Pictured left to right: FA intern Rasheed Evelyn; FA Deputy Director Shaz Akram; FA Executive Director John Bader; Congressman Tom Cole; FA Director, Chapter Relations Alex Johnston