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Become an Effective Advocate for the Fulbright Program

Numbers matter on Capitol Hill! We need every Fulbrighter to become a visible and vocal advocate – educating legislators on the importance of our program and sharing your Fulbright effect story in your communities.

Whether you plan to join us for our Advocacy Days on Capitol Hill, participate in Advocacy Month events in your area or meet your Congressman in your local district, we encourage you to download the toolkit or join one of our training sessions to make the most of your time.

The toolkit covers strategies, talking points and tips on how to effectively advocate for the Fulbright program so we can secure our program’s future and increase visibility for the impact of Fulbright.

We make it easy for you to advocate effectively for the Fulbright Program and influence legislators who make decisions on our program’s future:

•  Strategies and talking points on what matters most to legislators

•  Insights into key committees and the new 
International Exchange caucus
•  Overview of FY 2016-7 Appropriations and the current budget climate
•  Tips for answering tough questions and powerful alumni messages