Chapter Advisory Board

The Fulbright Association is pleased to announce our the Chapter Advisory Board (CAB) that was initially created in January 2014. The objective of the CAB is to implement a nationwide chapter engagement strategy whereby the Fulbright Association and its chapters work together to enhance our sustainability, build the alumni community and secure the future of the Fulbright Program.


The CAB is designed to improve integration of chapter initiatives and with our national and international mission. It provides a platform for  peer training, sharing best practices and expanding mentoring. Led by the CAB, chapters will now be more involved in the multi-year organizational strategic planning process, so everyone has a stake in the organization and Fulbright Program’s future success.

The new structure is largely self-managed with oversight by the Fulbright Association national board and staff. The CAB is comprised of 13 members including a Chair, Vice Chair and 11 Regional Directors. Each of the 11 Regional Directors will oversee 5-6 chapter presidents. Each chapter, regardless of official CAB status, shall be encouraged to participate in CAB-led peer activities and training.

Questions? For any questions or information regarding the CAB, please contact Shaz Akram.


•  Develop recommendations for Fulbright Association strategic plan
•  Develop an annual action plan for chapters that ties into the overall organizational strategic plan with a focus on membership growth, regional chapter-led collaborations and program development
•  Create a nationwide organizational calendar that includes all chapter and FA events
•  Develop an archive of best practices and streamlining chapter reporting
•  Expand training and education creating chapters-to-chapter mentorship

Chairs and Liasons

Josephine Dorado – Greater New York Chapter


Alexandra Johnston – Iowa Chapter

Vice Chair

Erwin Cho – Northern California Chapter

Board Liaison

Don Sparks – South Carolina Chapter

Board Liaison

Shaz Akram

Staff Liaison


Charlotte McDaniel – Central Virginia Chapter


Andrew Leckey – Arizona Chapter


Thomas O. Haakenson – Northern California Chapter


Cris Ramon – National Capital Area Chapter


Kathleen M. Bakarich – Greater New York Chapter


Howard Lehman – Utah Chapter


Nicholas Comerford – North Florida Chapter


Mary Mares – Chicago Chapter


Robert Torre – Georgia Chapter


Greg Cooper – National Capital Area Chapter


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