The Fulbright Association created the 1946 Society in commemoration of the 70th year of the Fulbright Program in 2015.  Now in its third year, members enjoy a growing number of exclusive speaking, networking, and advocacy opportunities. Join our 1946 Society to sustain support for exchange programs and secure Fulbright for generations to come.
Benefits of 1946 Society Membership:
•  Be a Visible Champion – Receive exclusive State of Fulbright commentary opportunities as one of our “go-to advocates.” 
•  Exclusive event invitations – Enjoy VIP invites to new programs, special celebrations, Oxford Legacy Lectures in collaboration with the U.S./UK Commission, VIP receptions, and special photo ops with Fulbright Prize laureates.
•  Secure our Future – Advocate to those making decisions in Congress to secure funding for future generations.
•  Special induction ceremony – Claim your custom-designed 1946 Society Pin, membership certificate, and commemorative 70 year Fulbright Coin.
  Recognition – Inclusion of donor name in the Fulbright Association Annual Report by gift level, as well as in all Fulbright Association conference and program materials.


“My Fulbright had an enormous impact on my life. It’s only right I show my gratitude by giving back. It opened my eyes and ears to people with knowledge on every topic… it connected me with Fulbrighters around the world, like Janet Echelman and other fascinating people. I’m thrilled to show my long-term commitment to the Fulbright Association, which has extended my life-changing experience.”
john ausura

John Ausura

Fulbright to Germany

“The 1946 Society supports the future: a future of international engagement and global understanding, a future of young scholars who will lead the world, a better future for my grandkids. Think back to your Fulbright. What stands out? For me, it was the people I came to know and understand. What stands out for you? Let’s make sure future generations continue to have this experience. Join me as a fellow 1946 Society member.”

Max Burns

Fulbright to Sweden

“We’re all grateful for our Fulbright experiences… they truly changed our lives. I’m passionate about promoting the Fulbright concept. I live it every day when I meet people of different cultures. I see the whole world as one huge campus, where countries and cultures interact and learn from each other constantly – that to me, is the ‘Fulbright effect.’ It is a privilege to become a founding member of the 1946 Society. I hope you will join me.”
Jay Nathan photo

Jay Nathan

Fulbright to Thailand, Poland, Kazakhstan and Mongolia

“It shows my sustained support to secure this vital program for future generations and my commitment to mission programs for alumni. Join me as we celebrate the 70th Anniversary, there’s no better time to champion Fulbright. I am proud to be a 1946 Society member and Fund It Forward.”
2017 Nancy Neill

Nancy Neill

Fulbright to New Zealand

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